Hohner 01 Electric Pianos

GEM S-Series Library Disk:- V-Piano Collection (Disk 5 of 10).

The Hohner Electric and Electra pianos are both unique in their own way and considered by many to be the missing link between Rhods & Wurlitzer.
This S-Series disk was originally created to replicate a family Hohner Electric “Demo below”,  but also includes modifications that simulate the sound of the Electra upright piano as well.

The disk contains 11 different Patches and 20 unique Performances, 10 Electric pianos & 10 Electra Pianos.

This download file is a 1.44Mb work disk image to enable simple transfer to floppy disk.
Please use 3rd party software RawWrite to copy images to disk using a usb floppy drive.

Compatible with Gem S2 Turbo, S3 Turbo & S2R.
Non Turbo users will require Sconvert.