Korg Poly-61 DigiD Patches 009-016

SoundDiviner Project – Korg Poly-61 Pack09

The Poly-61 is a classic 1980’s Analogue synthesiser from Korg.
This free Pack of patches DigiD-01 is the 2nd of many.
These patches are created using Interval 6 one of the new SoundDiviner Poly-61 Plugin Softmods.
This SoundDiviner Pack contains the following 8 patches.

009 – Sonic Bells
010 – Organ Deep
011 – Grainy Chimes
012 – Sub Slips
013 – Pulsing Machine
014 – Kick Stab
015 – Squelch Bass
016 – Liquid Drums

Each patch has been finalised with a single C3 sample and named for correct identification.
Demo below by DigiD; Uses only the listed 8 patches.
Compatible with SoundDiviner Poly-61 Plugin only.


DigiD Patch Performances all recorded with lexicon reverb.

011 – Grainy Chimes

013 – Pulsing Machine