Korg Poly-61 DigiD Patches 049-056

SoundDiviner Project – Korg Poly-61 Pack14

The Poly-61 is a classic 1980’s Analogue synthesiser from Korg.
This free Pack of patches DigiD-06 is the 7th of many.
This SoundDiviner Pack contains the following 8 patches.

049 – Squeze Box
050 – Release Pedal Organ
051 – 80’s Bass
052 – Shimmering Release
053 – DeepWah
054 – Synth Pluck
055 – Throaty Warbler
056 – Pulse Punch

Each patch has been finalised with a single C3 sample and named for correct identification.
Demo below by DigiD; Uses all 8 listed patches plus additional drums not from Poly-61.
Compatible with SoundDiviner Poly-61 Plugin only.