Korg Polysix Poly-61 Factory Bank 6

SoundDiviner Project – Korg Polysix Pack18

The Polysix is a classic 1980’s Analogue synthesiser from Korg.
The Korg Poly-61 was originally supplied with 54 Factory Programs.
Converted into Polysix Programs using the PolySix <-> Poly-61 Adaptor.
This free SoundDiviner Pack contains the following 8 patches.

61 – Poly-61 Organ 1
62 – Poly-61 Organ 2
63 – Poly-61 Organ 3
64 – Poly-61 Chimes-chord
65 – Poly-61 Steel Drums
66 – Poly-61 Accordion
67 – Poly-61 Harmonica
68 – Poly-61 Sax Ensamble

Each patch has been finalised with a single C3 sample and named for correct identification.
Due to architectural differences between the Poly-61 and the Polysix,
some patches will sound quite different to the originals and some incredibly similar “demo below”.

Compatible with SoundDiviner PolySix Plugin only.