Roland JP-08 DigiD Extra Patches09

SoundDiviner Project – Roland JP-08 Pack19

The Roland Boutique JP-08 is a modern take on the classic 1980’s Jupiter-8.
This free DigiD Extra Patches Pack contains an additional bank of patches.
This SoundDiviner pack contains folder DigiD-24 and the following eight patches

193 – Arp1 Minor 3rd
194 – Arp2 Minor 3rd
195 – Arp3 Perfect 5th
196 – Arp4 Perfect 5th
197 – Arp5 Octave
198 – Arp6 Octave
199 – Arp7 Perfect 4th
200 – Arp8 Perfect 4th

Each patch has been finalised with a single C3 sample and named for correct identification.
Compatible with SoundDiviner Roland Boutique JP-08 Plugin only.

DigiD live performances below, recorded using Audacity reverb.

Arp6 Octave

Arp8 Perfect 4th