Roland JP-08 DigiD Presets Collection 03

Roland JP-08 Standard PRM Format:- DigiD JP-08 Collection 3

The Roland Boutique JP-08 is a modern take on the classic 1980’s Jupiter-8.
This DigiD Collection contains a full replacement pack of presets and a printable patch card.
Easily uploaded to Roland JP-08 using the Roland Boutique Backup\Restore process.

Patterns 1-16

Pattern 1 DigiD SS-09
Pattern 2 DigiD SS-06
Pattern 3 DigiD SS-17
Pattern 4 DigiD SS-28
Pattern 5 DigiD SS-44
Pattern 6 DigiD SS-33
Pattern 7 DigiD SS-61
Pattern 8 DigiD SS-50
Pattern 9 DigiD SS-73
Pattern 10 DigiD SS-65
Pattern 11 DigiD SS-91
Pattern 12 DigiD SS-88
Pattern 13 DigiD SS-110
Pattern 14 DigiD SS-102
Pattern 15 DigiD SS-74
Pattern 16 DigiD SS-70

Patch Presets 1-8

Patch Presets 1 – 8 Blip Mix 01 – 08

Patches 1-64

Patches 11-88 DigiD Blip 001 – DigiD Blip 064

The DigiD JP-08 Collection 3, is also available free to all SoundDiviner JP-08Plugin users.
Demo contains all 16 Patterns above and use the 8 Patch Presets, additional Blip Mixes also provided for Patterns 9-16.
Demo also includes a quick SoundDiviner click through.