Roland SH101 Blips01

GEM S-Series Library Disk:- V-Blips Collection (Disk 2of3).

300 Sample waves taken from the SH101 and used to create 60 percussive patches – Including 40 Performances.
These patches were originally  created for studio clients to quickly identify the tone required for their track.
This patch was then often slightly modified to add any additional characteristics to blend with their mix.
Great for using with the Arpeggiator “demo below”, sequenced patterns or live.

This download file is a 1.44Mb work disk image to enable simple transfer to floppy disk.
Please use 3rd party software RawWrite to copy images to disk using a usb floppy drive.

Compatible with Gem S2 Turbo, S3 Turbo & S2R.
Not compatible with Non Turbo users.

Demo:- DigiD – Arpeggio patch rotation