Sconvert Tool

GEM S-Series Library Disks:- Sconvert Tool

This S-Series library disk contains the free User Program Sconvert.
This sound convert tool is used to convert Turbo library disks to non-turbo library disks.
If you own a Gem S2 non turbo, this tool is required to convert any library disks that indicate Sconvert is needed.

This download file is a 1.44Mb work disk image to enable simple transfer to floppy disk.
Please use 3rd party software RawWrite to copy images to disk using a usb floppy drive.

To use Sconvert you need to insert the Sconvert floppy disk or image file for disk emulator users, select load user program, then select option 1, SNDCONV.
Follow the onscreen instructions to copy data from the source disk to the new destination disk.
Floppy disk users will require an additional blank formatted work disk to use as the destination disk.
Emulator users will require an additional formatted image for the destination disk, this may need to be (.Img or .Hfe)  this will depend on which image type writes more successfully on your disk emulator device.