Steinway Model D 01 Classic Pianos

GEM S-Series Library Disk:- V-Piano Collection (Disk 2 of 10).

The Steinway Model D is the pinnacle of concert grands.
Converted originally into S-Series format for a studio production this Classic Pianos collection disk is very adaptable for different contemporary uses “Demo below”.

The disk contains 10 different Patches two of which are 32-note polyphonic and 10 Performances.

This download file is a 1.44Mb work disk image to enable simple transfer to floppy disk.
Please use 3rd party software RawWrite to copy images to disk using a usb floppy drive.

Compatible with Gem S2 Turbo, S3 Turbo & S2R.
Non Turbo users will require Sconvert.

Demo:- Achille-Claude Debussy – Preludes Book II – 06. Général Lavine.